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Just 13 Pounds Away From Love!: Just 13 Pounds Away From Love!: Retro Ads ...

Vintage Ads : theBERRY

Not so long ago...insane how things have changed.

Botanic Medicine Co. advertisement

Creating a buzz: The Spot Reducer 'guarantees' to target problem areas of weight

Another classic from Lucky Strikes. From the 13 Most Evil Vintage Ads in History. Old ...

I'm guessing there wasn't an obesity epidemic when this ad came out.

6. This extreme vision of a bad hair day is from Charles Antell, a hair products manufacturer.

Pulling no punches: This poster for Professor F.J. Kellogg's weight loss remedy gets straight to

11 Horrifyingly Offensive Vintage Ads | Radical beauty exhibit | Vintage ads, Vintage advertisements, Retro ads

Money down the drain: La Mar Reducing Soap from the 1920s promised to 'wash

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14. I don't know if I would ever consider Ketchup mouth-watering. 35 Bizarre And Offensive Ads ...

Demonstrating an attitude that could not be more far removed from the current vogue for size

This ad, from Life magazine, 1956, promotes clothes for "chubby girls".

Adverts from 1940s, 50s and 60s show world has changed | Daily Mail Online

Sick ad-Women are beautiful but DUMB AND SMELL BAD , good for one thing, their bodies. Ad for Deodorant. Do you see a trend here?

11 ...

This formula promises to provide more calories than a meal including steak, mashed potato,

7. This anti-malaria medicine which also makes you fat hails from late 19th-century America.

Even life insurance ads didn't sugarcoat nothing.


19. Having trouble parenting? TRY SOME BEER.

Outdated Advertising: Sexist, Racist, Creepy, and Just Plain Tasteless Ads from a Pre-PC Era Paperback – November 21, 2017

A Palmolive advert from the 1940s features a smug housewife who boasts that she loves her

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Keep your beauty on duty- love this vintage ad from WWII and that a woman's beauty was tied to the morale of the military

Image: Pinterest

This ad for Love's Baby Soft beauty products from the 1980s is all kinds of wrong.

34 Vintage Ads That Wouldn't Fly Today


From ...

23. I'm not 100% sure how this translates, but it is slightly disturbing. 35 Bizarre And Offensive Ads ...

'Don't think you're "born" to be skinny and friendless

7 ...

Spike Lee for Nike

34 Vintage Ads That Wouldn't Fly Today

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Panna, featured in the above ad, was a Pakistani film star and dancer.

This somewhat aggressive ad states, 'You may think your case is hopeless - that

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See the full ad here. 13 of 16. Winston Cigarettes: November 1968

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August 1908 John Wesley and Budweiser Beer Ad

Super Sexist Vintage Ads

weirdvintage: “4711 Eau de Cologne ad, 1928 (via Vintage Ad Browser)

And let's not forget this ad from the same people.

Body shaming and pleasing the husband. Marketing to a woman's vanity has and always will be used to sell beauty products. Suggesting that those products be ...

This is more political propaganda than advertising. While it does show a scantily clad woman, some of the attempted 'slander' makes her sound like a pretty ...

Voltaic Belt Company advertisement

Image: grayflannelsuit

Outdated Advertising: Sexist, Racist, Creepy, and Just Plain Tasteless Ads from a Pre-PC Era: Michael Lewis, Stephen Spignesi, Ben B. Budd Jr.: ...

Vintage Ads Considered Inappropriate Today

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"Every guy should be lucky enough to have a wife get his clothes clean at the utility company's expense. Cold Power cleaning in cold water. The only thing ...

Meanwhile, this disturbing advert for trousers features a group of men surrounding a semi-

lee pineapple advert 1959

"Chubby" clothing ads – featuring children who look entirely normal – continued until at least the 1970s.

Archive Gallery: Vintage Advertisements from Popular Science | Popular Science

tiger beer advert 1933

Lux ads in 1951, 1956 and 1964

Magneto-Galvanic Batteries advertisement

This ad for “Killing Salt Chemicals” from 1947 ...



1950's WD 40 oil advertisement (couldn't get away with this today! its hilarious!)

Amazon.com: Ad Nauseam: Newsprint Nightmares from the 1980s (9781948221054): Michael Gingold: Books

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Effective: WeightWatchers is one of the few solutions for being overweight that has stood the


40 Lessons from 40 Years of Apple Ads

Image: bensbargains. Cigarettes ads ...

It only becomes sexist when those roles are expected or enforced against someone's personal desire to become or do something else.

Eastman Kodak Cameras: July 1918

Facebook Advertising Rookie Mistakes

All-American Ads of the 50s (Multilingual Edition)

1979 Apple II “Adam” Ad

The Very First 'Just Do It' Ad (1988)

Enter a World of Advertisement in Old Singapore (Part 2)

35 Bizarre And Offensive Ads From The Past That Would Never Be Allowed Today

Vintage (Retro) Advertisements

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Bottle of 19th-century painkiller

22 Stoddard 70 ...

Super Sexist Vintage Ads -


leica.overgaard.dk - Thorsten Overgaard's Leica Pages - The Leica History - Page 1

45 http://www.adbranch.com/pepsi-magazine-ads-1960-1965/ ...

All-American Ads of the 90s (English, French and German Edition)

Got Old Newspapers? 3 Simple Ways to Turn Them Into Extra Money

34 Vintage Ads That Wouldn't Fly Today

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Apple's 2004 remake of the 1984 ad, with added iPod.